The Nintendo WII

The Nintendo Wii seemed to take the world by storm all at once. Suddenly it was all the rage, and the talk of the town. People would compare favorite games, and weight loss success stories that they had using the Wii. No matter what people purchased a console for, the one thing they can all agree on is that they didn’t regret it.

The Nintendo Wii is great because it’s interactive. You can get up in move whether you’re playing a bowling game, doing some karaoke, or doing a fitness routine. It’s not like a normal video game where you are sitting there hours at end, click away on a remote until your eyes glaze over and your arm falls asleep. The Wii makes you get involved. It is a more active video game console that’ll get you moving, and get you involved. You won’t feel like a zombie during or after playing. If anything, the Wii might actually energize you! This is great because a lot of problems moms have with their kids and video games is that it’s making them lazy. This isn’t the case with the Wii. There are so many fitness programs you can use this console for.

The Nintendo Wii is great for people all ages. There is no age limit. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy together. All the classics are available from Super Mario to Donkey Kong, there is surely a game available for this console that everybody will love!

The Wii is so great because there is so much variety with it! Love to dance? There is a game that will get your body grooving. Love sports? Enjoy bowling for Wii in which you actually use the controller like the ball, and go through the motion. Love singing? Karaoke along with your Wii. The possibilities are literally endless.

The Wii controller is so awesome it deserves its own shout out. The controller isn’t your typical one. Rather, it’s one that almost seems to come to life. The Wii controller is shaped like a remote, and it responds to everything. You can shake it, swing it, move it around depending on what video game you are playing. It’s a whole new experience. The Wii almost makes you feel like you’re in an old fashioned arcade. That’s how awesome and interactive it is.

The Wii console is relatively cheap. You cannot beat the price. That is why this console makes a great gift for either one person, or the whole family! There is no limit on who would like this console. Just gift the appropriate game along with it, and you are set.

Overall, this gaming system is well worth it. The graphics are great, the interactivity is great, and the fun level is through the roof. Sometimes when people play video games they turn into sort of loners. The Wii does the exact opposite. It brings people together into an atmosphere of fun! With games such as sports, the Wii makes for a good bonding experience among people.

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