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Sony computer entertainment produces PS3 that is the third home video game console which is a successor of PS2 a part of PlayStation series. Its competitors Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are all part of the seventh generation of video game consoles.

Electronic entertainment expo 2005 announced the PS3 console for the first time. The primary storage medium used in this console is the blue ray disc. PS3 gaming console has multimedia capabilities which is a major feature of this gaming console. How is play station 3 different from other gaming systems is its unified online gaming service, PlayStation network and its connection to PlayStation vita and PlayStation portable and this connectivity help users to stream videos, music, and movies along with other online content to PS3 console.

Updated Play Station 3 Slim which is much lighter and thinner than the original version was released in 2009. In 2012, much slimmer designs were released. Worldwide 80 million units of PlayStation 3 were sold as of Nov 2013. Its successor PS4 was released in North America in 2013.

In 2005 Sony unveiled PS3 and a controller that is shaped like a boomerang to public, although a functional version was not available at that time. Two HDMI ports, six USB ports, and three Ethernet ports were featured in the prototype that was shown in 2005. In 2006 to cut costs, the system featured four USB ports, one Ethernet port, and one HDMI port.

When it comes to the console configurations, two configurations, 20GB and 60GB were announced. Flash card readers, Wi-Fi internet, and HDMI were all featured in the60GM model. In 2006, Sony made an announcement that it will include HDMI port in its 20 GM model but not all other additional features like Wi-Fi internet, and flash card readers. During that event in Japan where the 20GB model price was reduced and the 60GB model was set for open pricing, and Sony demonstrated a number of PS3 games that were run on its hardware.

Launch of PS3: PS3 was released in Japan in 2006, in the USA in November 2006, and in Europe, United Kingdom, and Ireland in March 2007. A basic model with 20GB storage and a 60Gb model with additional features were the two SKU’s available at that time.

PS3 slim: At Gamescom press conference PS3 model was announced by Sony in 2009 which has new features like slimmer form, much quieter cooling system and less power consumption. The initial screen of consoles changed from mentioning “Sony” to mentioning “PS3″ along with redesigning of console and logo.

Super slim model PS3: Slimmer PS3 redesign CECH-4000 was announced by Sony at Tokyo Game show and would be available with either 250GB or 500GB hard drive.

Three versions of super slim models 12 GB flash storage, 500GB hard drive and 250 GB hard drive were revealed by Sony. The Super Slim model has manual sliding disc cover and is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the slim model.

PS3 hardware have been used to build supercomputers that have high-performance computing capabilities. As an alternative to conventional supercomputers, the US military has purchased clusters of PS3 hardware for research purposes.

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