How To Play Pokemon Games Online

Pokemon is a brilliant and exciting game that was released in 1995 with millions of players from around the world. The deep story line and context draws in fans and players from all cultural backgrounds, age brackets, and genders alike. The game captures the essence of youth and leads you along a series of adventures that you won’t soon forget! The original state of the game was intended for a single player experience where users could capture Pokemon, battle wild Pokemon, challenge gym leaders, and escape Team Rocket.

However as time progressed, players wanted to extend their love for the game onto their friends in a real-time means of playing. Linking cables and devices soon allowed players to battle each other at school and social events. As the technology in the market expanded, the Nintendo DS was released and allowed users to connect via WiFi connection to players all over the world. This gave you a front row seat to international Pokemon battling and social interaction via the franchise. Many players are still unaware of how to play their favorite Pokemon games online and miss out on the experience altogether. Located below are the steps you can take in order to throw yourself into the intense world of online Pokemon gaming!

Go to the Pokemon Center

In every Pokemon game is a Pokemon center where players can heal wounded Pokemon, revive dead Pokemon, and store captured Pokemon. Located on the right hand side of the screen you will see a staircase leading down to the lower floor. You will soon see 3 women standing behind the desk ready to communicate. The woman on the far right will hand you a Pal Pad that allows you to capture and store your friends code for play.

The woman located in the middle will allow you connect over wireless in order to battle and trade specific Pokemon with your friends via their friend-code. The lady located on the far left, depending on which Pokemon version you’re playing, will allow you to play a series of mini-games online. These are strictly for fun and are not required to play online with your friends.

First Connection

Walk up to the woman located in the middle of the screen and follow her series of questions. She will then lead you into the back room where a screen will pop up and give you the friend code that was mentioned earlier in the article. If this is your first time connecting, your device will disconnect and lead you back into the previous room with the 3 women.

After you’ve received your friend code, follow the same steps as before and communicate with the middle woman. The next screen shown will give you the option to trade or battle others over your wireless connection.

In summary, battling your friends inside of the Pokemon universe will provide you with hours of fun and excitement. Good luck on your journey and hopefully you catch them all!

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