How To Play Mario Kart WII

Mario Kart Wii is one of the video games in the Wii home console series with the latest including Arcade titles. The package has a Wii Wheel that makes it similar to the Mario Kart Arcade GP because the wheel can be inserted in a Wii Remote or used with Nunchuk just like in the Classic Controller, which is integrated in GameCube. Nonetheless, the wheel can also be used as a standalone as it is with Super Smash Bros. Mario Kart Wii happens to be the second best-selling Nintendo Wii game since its launch.


Mario Kart Wii comes with definitive customs such as 12 instead of eight racers. In addition to what is offered by Mario Kart DS, its immediate predecessor, it allows gamers to play battle mode online. That means two players using the same console can play with different opponents around the world. This feature also comes with a Ghost Data reception service that allows players to enter tournaments hosted by Nintendo. Also, the player has to select a driver depending on his strengths and class features. Drivers are only allowed to pick cars that do not match their class; for instance, a medium driver can only drive medium cars.


The game console is categorized drivers into small, medium and large drivers. The player has to start with the small drivers and work his way up to the large drivers. The small drivers are dubbed Baby Mario, Koopa Troopa, Baby Peach and Toad. The advantage with their cars is that they quickly reach their top speed, but that does not match what higher class cars have to offer when they reach their top speed. The medium drivers include Peach, Mario, Yoshi and Luigi. Their cars can keep up with most drivers and have a short turnaround time when it comes to returning to the path after a crash. On the other hand, large drivers include Wario, Donkey Kong Waluigi and Bowser. Large drivers’ vehicles do not quickly pick up speed but have a higher probability of remaining on track because of their heavy weight and can easily maintain their top speed once they reach it. This shows that a player has to choose a character in every class.

Automatic vs. Manual Drifts

Automatic drifts come with easy navigation when making turns, but unlike manual drifts, they cannot use mini-turbo. Manual drifts activate the mini-turbo by releasing the drift button when the gamer sees blue or orange sparks behind their vehicle when drifting. To charge the mini-turbo faster, the player can shake the Wii remote sideways while holding button ‘B’. Nonetheless, automatic drifting is the best for amateurs because manual drifting requires some skill and experience. Also, the player should consider a rocket start by pressing the acceleration button. In case they fall off the track, they should try using Lakitu, the turtle. The turtle will quickly drop you back on the runway thus giving you a quick advantage. Lakitu is activated by pressing ‘2’ immediately after hitting the ground.

One of the unique features in Mario Kart Wii that was not present in its predecessors is tricks. For example, the player can shake the Wii Remote, right, up, left or down to control their speeding up or jumping. In most cases, doing these tricks is followed by a speed boost once the player lands. However, the challenge comes in when the gamer is doing it in the air, which means taking off from the launch pad. The general perspective with tricks is simply looking into as many shortcuts as possible to enjoy the game to its maximum. Mario Kart Wii is undoubtedly one of the best game consoles today and should be well celebrated.

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