How To Play Forza 4

Forza Motorsports is one of the most popular racing games in the current generation of video gaming consoles. Developed by Turn 10 Studios, the Forza series can trace its roots back almost a decade of playing time. One of the newer renditions, Forza 4, was released in October of 2011. The game was developed for the XBOX 360 and published by Microsoft Studios. Now revered as one of the top entries in the franchise, many players are trying to learn all of the tricks and the trades of the game. This racing simulator is difficult even on easy mode, so pay attention to the following strategies and you might just win a few races.

Getting to the races.
When you throw Forza 4 into your Xbox 360 console you will be shipped to the main menu. Here you will be given a few options but all you need to pay attention to at this point is the A button. Hit it and the game will begin. Login with your player profile so that you can save your playing time and acquire achievements. Now you’ll be thrown into a garage where you can pick from any of the multiple manufacturers and models available for the incoming race. Find the car that appeals to you, disregarding statistics for the moment, and get ready to race. Before you do all of this you will have the option to mess around with the color and design. If you want to look a certain way then now is your chance to pretty yourself up.

In the game.
Now that you are ready to race you will see the track appear before you. Following the racing lines will help you as you try to progress throughout each race. When the line is green then you are following the correct path forward. If the lines start to change colors, yellow or red, then you are entering the danger zone. Pending the context of the color change, be ready to make some rapid changes to your driving style. You might see the line go yellow if you are going too fast around corners or red if you start to burn out in the wrong direction.

The interface.
Keep your eyes on the various displays that are all over your screen. You should see your speedometer, your ranking in the race, and other minute little details. Paying attention to these details will keep you ahead of the curb, metaphorically speaking, when it comes to outclassing your opponents. In particular you want to watch the minimap so you can see where your opponents are on the track ahead of you.

So now that you understand the core concepts of the game there is nothing left to do but to go out there and race. Racing games are strategic and intuitive once you put in the time to get comfortable with them. As you start to understand the different tracks you will develop strategies to keep you ahead of the rest of the pack.

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