God Of War 3 Review And Gameplay

The visceral presentation and gory action of this “hack and slash” title instantly grabs your attention. “God of War 3″ is developed by Santa Monica Studios and is published by Sony Entertainment America.


“God of War 3″ continues where the second game left off. In exchange for being freed from the underworld, Kratos agreed to help the Titans gain vengeance against Zeus. Zeus strikes down the Titans’ assault upon Mount Olympus, with Kratos being sent to the underworld once again. There, Kratos receives a message from Athena’s ghost who explains that so long as Zeus lives, humanity will suffer. Thus, Kratos is yet again tasked with finding his way out of the afterlife and amassing enough power and skill to slay the god of gods.


Clearing the game on Normal difficulty should take a practiced player around twelve hours of play. Even on “Normal” this game is hard, so expect to die several dozen times. You begin the game with a taste of the sort of power that a near-fully powered Kratos is capable of. Although this game is only for one player, it offers a lot of replayability in trying to fully upgrade Krato’s weapons and spells, as well as trying to find all of its hidden upgrades and secret treasures. Additional game modes become unlocked upon beating the game at least one time.


This is a “hack n slash” that features five different and varied weapons, each with its own upgradable string of attack combinations. This upgradability serves as one of the main motivations for improving a weapon, as each upgrade subtly changes the design and damage output of the weapon. Although normal-sized enemies can be dispatched with just your button combinations, larger foes may require time-sensitive button sequences that offer you greater experience and a satisfyingly gory execution when performed properly. The only issue with these “quick-time-events” comes when it brings up analog stick motions, as some inputs do not seem to register properly; this is important, as some failures can result in painful, or even fatal, consequences. Beyond the awesome assortment of Grecian enemies and gods, the game features several physics-based puzzles involving statues, switches, and platforms.


This game is proof of the PS3′s graphical capabilities as it makes plentiful use of lighting and shadows, as well as several well-done cut-scenes that contain mature content. The game’s soundtrack is superb and was recorded by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Those players who manage to complete the game even once unlock a variety of making-of videos that includes commentary by the game’s voice cast.


“God of War 3″ completes the tale of Kratos and his desire to end the Grecian Pantheon. This title offers many satisfying hours of content at multiple levels of difficulty to satisfy all skill levels. It bears repeating that “God of War 3″ is rated M for mature themes, including nudity, graphic violence, and adult themes and language. This is an excellent game, but not one for those without the maturity to appreciate it.

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