Borderlands Review And Gameplay

Borderlands is a game that mixes first person shooter with a role playing focused theme. The main quest for Borderlands is to find ancient alien ruins that will grant you fame, wealth, power and women. You begin the quest on the planet Pandora, once you select the character you want to play as you are visited by a guardian angel that tells you the story is real and that she is here to guide you to the vault that holds the treasure.
Once you exit the bus you begin the story fighting off bandits in a city, once you fight them off you are rewarded by Zed the Doctor who gives you quests to complete. The game itself has over 160 quests to complete but only 30 are directed to the main goal of finding the alien ruin. So there is plenty of room to get into sub aspects of the game. Do not worry about not being engaged with all of these quests, the characters are hilarious and tell some pretty dirty jokes. That being said this video game is for mature audiences only since most of the dialogue includes off color humor and continually usage of curse words.
The design of the game allows for thirty hours of play from start to finish if you follow most of the quests. But the game is designed for multiple replays because you will want to replay with each character or even use the multiplayer mode. There are four main characters to play with; Mordecai, the Hunter who has the ability to send winged creatures to kill players, Lilith the Siren who can become invisible and move quickly, Roland the Solider who can heal teammates and finally Brick, who can take a lot of hits and is extremely powerful. Each character provides for a different experience while doing quests but all can use the same weaponry. This is were the similarities of WOW become apparent, each character has a skills tree and with each quest won you level up with their stats and abilities. The rating system for each level up is also just like WOW.

Just because there is over 100 quests does not mean they are simple, Borderlands is a hard game to complete. Some quests you will not be able to complete if you are not at a certain level with your character. Some characters are harder to kill and you need to be sure that you are leveled up to even engage in the quest. The more you play the game the more leveled up you will become but if you run into a quest whose main character you are not ready to fight there will be a skull above their head, like WOW. The weaponry is extensive as well as the attributes and modifications that can go with it. Pandora is huge planet so you won’t tire of things to discover. Overall Borderlands does an excellent job of mixing RPG and first person shooter game!

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